Vintage Turntable Repairs


What turntables do you repair?

Due to many years of experience and an extensive network of spare parts suppliers, we can proudly say that we are able to repair almost any turntable. We provide electronic and mechanical repairs of vintage turntables TESLA sold in Czechoslovakia, but also modern turntables and DJ turntables (especially Technics). We offer a wide range of styluses, cartridges, belts, stepper motors (on request), and accessories (cleaning agents, preamps, etc).


Turntable Belt Replacement Procedude

In our online store you can find a wide range of flat gramophone belts and square section drive belts. Dimensions of the belts are listed in the following format: diameter-thickness-width [mm] - e.g. 210,0-0,5-5,0

A) If your od belt is perished
B) In case the old belt is torn or missing: Attention! It is necessary to take into account the distance between the motor spindle and the edge of the drive wheel (turntable platter).
Platter Type 1 Platter Type 2
Type 1 Type 2

You can buy Turntable Belts in our e-shop

Flat turntable belts


Can I still get styli (or Cartridges) for my old TESLA turntable?

Absolutely! You can buy high-end replacement magneto-dynamic cartridges for the legendary Tesla turntables; Part numbers: VM2101, VM2102, VM2103, VM2202, VM2203, VM2204; and crystal cartridges VK4301, VK4202, VK4204, VB4202, VK 4301, VK 4204, VB 4202, and also various cartridges for modern turntables.

So do not throw away your old record player! It can still serve you for many years :-).

The Ortofon OMB 05 Cartridge The VK4302 Replacement Cartridge
The Magnetodynamic ORTOFON OMB05 Crystal Replacement Cartridge with a Rotatable Stylus