Satellite Store in Zlín

Complete Home Satellite TV Installations for houses and blocks of flats in the Zlín area

We provide complete distribution of digital TV and radio in homes and apartment buildings according to your requirements.

  • DVB-S (satellite TV)
  • Terrestrial Video Broadcasting DVB-T
  • FM radio

    The possibility of merging these signals into a common television and radio antenna
block of flats house
Smart solutions for apartment buildings

  • We can guarantee optimal reception of digital television to all households of their choice
  • Any user is able to independently watch any satellite channel from Astra1, Astra3, and other satellites
  • No monthly fees as with Cable TV
  • Aesthetic reasons - the technology enables to use just one common dish for the whole house placed on top of the roof
wiring case block of flats

We also offer:

  • Satellite Receiver Repairs: repairs of defective receivers and upgrades from SD to HD standard.
  • Sales of satellite technology: Digital Satellite Receivers, Decoder Modules, and SkyLink Cards, dishes, holders, etc.
  • Dish adjustment, complete tuning or channel add ons
  • Service conducted by qualified technicians
  • Long-term experience and professional approach
opticum satellite dish

To ensure the optimal satellite signal we use the latest measuring devices, such as Televes H45 Compact.