Vacuum Cleaner Maintenance


How to Extend Life of Bag or Bagless Vacuum Cleaners

Very often, common vacuum cleaners defects are caused by improper use or neglected maintenance. Perhaps in each Vacuum Cleaner User's Manual you can learn that Bag or Bagless Home Vacuum Cleaners must not be used for

vacuuming rough dirt, construction dust, water, wet objects, etc. Such improper use can lead to a complete blockage of the filter system, the subsequent overheating of the motor, and in extreme cases even fire. For vacuuming of very dirty surfaces it is necessary to use heavy-duty industrial vacuum cleaners according to manufacturer's specifications.

The Bag, Bagless or Robotic Vacuum Cleaners vacuum cleaners made by renowned manufacturers, such as Samsung, are renowned for their reliability, very good suction power, quiet operation, excellent price / performance ratio and good availability of spare parts. However, when used regularly, their filter systems sooner or later become blocked with fine dust, thus leading to reduction of suction power and overheating.

In this case, it is advisable to replace all dust filters. During normal household use we normally recommend that you change these filters every six months.

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The Model Code Label is placed on the bottom side of your vacuum cleaner.

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